Kunstnere 2005

Brenden Guyatt

Coming from Irish background Brendens journey surprisingly mirrors the rest of the team. One of the lead vocalists in the Grammy Award winning Rev Timothy Wright’s London Fellowship Mass Choir which headlined the GWMA in 1995 and appeared as part of the equally acclaimed group Sign of the Times on the Bobby Jones Show in 1996 along side The Winans and Kirk Franklin, a show with over 20 million veiwers. A sought after session vocalist with credits that include The Lighthouse Family, Chaka Kaan, Puff Daddy and Blur, Brenden has worked amongst the best and maintains individuality as a soloist, backing vocalist and choir member.
Rachel MacFarlane
One of the premier vocalists to come out of the UK Gospel scene Rachel has travelled the world performing within the dance music circuits. She left Manchester as a young girl to take up a career in singing and landed one of the lead roles in the Broadway smash hit musical “Rent” singing the part Stevie Wonder originally sang in the show, “Seasons of love”. Overcoming her very public battle with Graves desease which is a thyroid condition effecting her throat and heart amongst other things Rachel scored 4 top 20 UK hits and one of 2004’s biggest selling No1’s “Take me to the clouds above” resulting in her being nominated for a Brit Award. Rachel reminds us of the true spirit that Gospel singers have brought to the world of music.

Lascelles Haughton
Lascelles has a reputation for excellence   within the UK Gospel music scene. As an arranger and director he is a natural leader and has lead the way into the transition from traditional music to the 21st century. He is a head teacher of a music school in London and has worked with many of the top choirs and groups in the UK. A specialist in choir and group vocal arrangements and a respected vocalist himself Lascelles recently directed and arranged the choir that sang on Madonnas performance of “Like a prayer” at the Live 8 Concert in London.

Johnathon Beckford
Johnathon is one of the best known musicians within the Gospel and Secular music scene accross the UK. A keyboard player, drummer, guitarist, arranger and musical director his work    speaks for itself and has established himself right across the various musical genres over the past 20 years as a world class musician. Having worked within a cross section of music from Gospel to Rock, he has played for many well known artists including Sting, Robbie Williams, Luther Vandross and The Winans.